2014 Fitness Trends: Pushing You to the Next Level

having proper personal trainingEvery year, fitness buffs and health conscious people look for the best workout to help them reach their target weight and wellness goals. In 2012, everyone carried their mats and went to yoga and Pilates studios. Last year, thousands of weight watchers danced their way to health through Zumba fitness parties. For 2014, experts believe many will start attending bodyweight training programs, HIIT exercises, yoga classes and spinning sessions.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Fitness professionals offering personal training in Perth expect to receive many requests for private classes for high intensity interval training in 2014. As some HIIT training sessions only last for half an hour, this exercise program suits those with busy lifestyles. With short bursts of high intensity exercises targeting different parts of the body, HIIT is a great way to lose weight and tone your body without spending too many hours at the gym.

Bodyweight Training

Lifting weights is out-dated. Men and women who want to bulk up this year should consider taking a bodyweight training program. You will not lift heavy plates, but will use your own weight to increase strength, improve endurance and sculpt your body. Common exercises you may perform in this program are bodyweight squats, push-ups, pull-ups, ab rollouts, sit-ups and Bulgarian split squats. While you can do bodyweight training on your own, many weight conscious individuals hire a personal training specialist in Perth to keep them on the right track.


A spinning session is an intense workout program that allows you to burn calories and tone your muscles while having fun with a group. The right spinning class will depend on your fitness level and goals.


Yoga will never go out of style. For some, it is a go-to workout for days when they need to take a break from their intense fitness programs. Apart from traditional yoga, you may try hip-hop, aerial and power yoga.

Give yourself the gift of fitness in 2014. Consult a wellness expert and learn the best workout program that suits your lifestyle.