3 Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Never Put Off

reliable chimney contractorIt’s not surprising that many homeowners in Long Island tend to neglect some essential home maintenance tasks because of their busy schedules. There’s always something on the television to watch, occasions to attend, or errands to prioritize. Yet, putting off other maintenance tasks can cost pricey repairs down the road.

From getting the services of a chimney contractor in Long Island to changing the filters of air conditioning units, here are some maintenance tasks you should never put off:

Changing Your AC’s Filters

You need to change or clean the filters regularly to avoid costly replacements. A dirty filter also causes energy bills to spike as the systems needs to work harder than it should. In worse cases, clogged filters can even pose a fire hazard. These are the reasons you should never put off this maintenance task again.

Cleaning the Entire Dryer

It’s not enough to clean the lint tray after drying every load of clothes. You should also clean the duct at the back of the dryer, as it can accumulate dirt and cause fire. It’s also important to clean the exhaust vent as it exits your house. The maintenance depends on how often you use the dryer and what type of system you have.

Cleaning the Chimney

During the freezing winter months, there’s nothing more relaxing than cozying up around a warm fireplace. But you might notice some cool drafts creeping into your home when you don’t have a fire crackling away. The good news is you can keep the cool downdraft out by getting the services of chimney contractors in Long Island. Let them perform the maintenance once a year or several times if you use it heavily.

With many contractors and service providers around Long Island, there’s no reason to put off these tasks even if you’re swamped with errands and other more important things to do. These maintenance responsibilities are important to protect your home from fire accidents and rising energy bills. If it’s been a while since you’ve done these tasks, make a plan now to keep your house in tip-top shape.