3 Novel Ideas for a Unique Dining Experience

Freight delivery packageIn the food and service industry, the nature of the food itself is only a part of the experience customers receive. Another thing that should be considered is the location. Most restaurants, fast food joints and even street food booths commonly employ the conventional formula of a space, four walls and a roof. But, the industry is highly competitive. To reel in the customers, business owners have to come up with novel and innovative ideas to present their businesses.

The Gallery Café

Most cafes and coffee shops are either an extension of, or the origin of other art galleries. These cafes usually have another floor dedicated to your gallery-viewing pleasure. Whether the place only serves hot drinks and pastry, or complete with its own menu of savory snacks and meals, a café with any collection of commodities to display would attract more clientele as it has something else to offer.

The Freighter Chowdown

Street food joints usually pop up out of nowhere like mushrooms in shapes and sizes you would not normally expect. Usually, they come in the form of a food truck or a cart. Sometimes, it’s a simple kiosk stand or a booth. But, once in a while, you see something classy like a freight box. One can always acquire surplus shipping containers Perth companies sell and convert them into a profitable street food booth. One 8x20x8’ metal box can house the kitchen, storage and other necessities for a basic food booth. To further endear the customers to this idea, it is best to establish it near coastal cities or seaside towns in Australia like Sydney, Perth and Brisbane, and serve the freshest seafood available.

Books and Cooks

For people who love books, reading is a real pleasure. Why not combine that pleasure with that of dining at a comfortable place? The place can range from a simple café to a restaurant. Apart from the top notch food the chef and the staff will be serving, dining while surrounded by shelves full of books simply adds a pleasant, if not sophisticated, feel to the experience. Whereas other cafes would feature live bands, art galleries or even toy collections, why not use books? This concept allows the customers to help themselves to any books they want to read, be it with their morning coffee, afternoon tea, or evening sweets.