3 Things Every Caravan Driver Should Know Before Going on a Road Trip

caravan on the roadThe Golden Outback in Western Australia gives travellers some of the greatest nature trips there is. The place features a stunning display of outback plains, expansive deserts, refreshing salt lakes, rugged and rocky outcrops, wild woodlands and white beaches. This makes it a great destination or route for road trips.

Before packing your bags, loading the boat or trailer, and hitting the road, though, keep in mind that driving a regular SUV or truck is different when you have a trailer or boat in tow.

RV repair experts, like the team of Tom’s Towbars in Perth, shares a list of things every caravan driver should know before heading out on the highway.

Your Load will be Heavy

Towing a caravan, a boat, or some other vehicle means additional weight will be added to your already heavy vehicle. If your vehicle exceeds the local gross weight rating, it could lead to problems, such as early wear and tear on tires, suspension, and shock absorbers.

Have your vehicle weighed with the caravan in tow. Before heading out, make sure to check everything, and if needed, get new tires, engine fluids, and even new tow bars to make your road trip as smooth as possible.

Safety Cannot Be Emphasised Enough

This is a given for all drivers, but sometimes people often forget with all the fun of road trips. You may think pre-trip inspections and a visit to the auto repair centre for a check-up may be a hassle, but it definitely pays off.

Just because your 4WD Ford SUV is packed with safety features doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have it checked. If needed, get a set of spare tires and even quality tow bars.

Speed and Weight Will Affect Braking

The same way having a trailer affects your driving, understand that the weight and speed of the vehicle also affects braking. You’ll need to give yourself adequate room and time to stop. Remember that it’s always best to slow down when driving during inclement weather and other unique situations, as it’ll be easier to control the vehicle. Always stay alerts and be prepared.

Road trips are a great way to travel and enjoy the things nature has to offer. Make sure your ride goes as smooth as possible by being prepared and staying safe.