3 Ways Long Distance Runners Benefit from Chiropractic Care

Running athletesMarathons, trail running, and other long-distance runs come with intense physical demands. A usual two-mile-run puts stress on your bones and joints as your feet touch the ground, with each stride you take. In a long-distance run, you repeat that action thousands of times, making your bones suffer the continuous impact. So, it’s no wonder that marathoners take special steps to prepare their body for a race, which includes getting chiropractic treatment.

If you are new in long distance running and haven’t tried getting chiropractic care, here are some of its benefits you must know:

Increased Range of Motion

As mentioned, the intense body stress from long distance running can affect your joints, as well as your back. With a focus on spinal alignment, a chiropractor can improve your body alignment and help keep your joints healthy and agile at the same time. As a runner, relaxed and unrestricted joints afford greater flexibility and movement—and this may increase your speed and improve your gait.

Higher Resistance to Injury

A spine that is out of alignment can cause other body parts to weaken and be more prone to injury. By contrast, chiropractic care can have a ripple of positive effects all throughout the body, as manifested in the results of rehabilitative therapies given by Barnes Chiropractic and other chiropractors in Colorado. Hence, regular spinal adjustments will not only address your past injuries but will also reduce the intense impact of long distance running on your body, as well as help you avoid injuries in the future.

Overall Wellness

Most sports chiropractors provide a whole-body approach to the problem. In addition to spinal adjustments, these chiropractors typically provide physical therapies, nutritional advice, posture correction, and gait and stride analysis. Since long distance running exposes multiple body areas to stress, the comprehensive approach of chiropractic treatment can be a huge help.

With a regular chiropractic care, you can quickly recover from past injuries, avoid future injuries, improve your running performance, and more importantly, keep your entire body in tune. Include chiropractic treatment in your training plan, and you’ll likely have a stronger finish in your next Ultramarathon race.