4 Best Practices to Help You Improve Home Security

Key Cutting Services in TaurangaIn New Zealand, many believe that their home will most likely be burgled any time in the coming years. These unfortunate cases often rob people of more than just material items. Burglars also rob homeowners with the peace of mind. What’s important to remember is that there are simple, but effective practices you can employ in your own household to help lower the chances of wrongdoers causing you harm.

Here are some of them:

Secure outside wiring

Due to the increase of home security systems, burglars often cut outside wiring in an attempt to deactivate it. They can even cut phone and electricity lines. If you have any outside cables and wires, secure them properly to make it harder for burglars to cut them.

Keep your yard clear and well-lit

While a huge tree is nice to have in your yard, it is often used as hiding places should anyone want to rob your home. A huge open space that is well-lit will deter any wrongdoer. When you do your landscaping, try to think of where burglars can hide and address them quickly. Remember to tend to your garden regularly and not letting the mail stack up on your front door or mailbox. These make your homes look unattended and the chances of getting robbed go even higher.

Provide everyone in your family with his or her set of keys

It’s important for every family member a personal set of keys, especially to the front and back entrances of your homes. Keep in mind that burglars often scout their potential targets first before making a move. If they notice that a family member keeps on waiting for someone to open the door, the more they will think that the homes are left unattended during a particular time of the day. There are many key cutting services that can help you create a set of keys for each family member. Do not think of it as an unnecessary expense, rather, an insurance.

Use glow-in-the-dark paint to colour-code your keys

The longer your stand in your front door and fumble with your keys, the higher the chances of you getting robbed. It is especially important to stay vigilant when opening your front doors as anyone can simply walk behind you and point a knife or a gun to your back. The faster you open the door, the faster you can lock it again. But it can be challenging when it’s dark outside. A simple solution would be to colour-code your keys using a glow-in-the-dark paint. You can appoint a particular colour to a key-door combo to make it easier to pick the right key for the right door.

Securing Your Peace of Mind

These simple hacks will not only help improve home security but also regain your peace of mind. It’s not enough that you just install security systems in your homes. You have to teach your family on how to act accordingly to help lower the chances of getting burgled.