4 Car Owner Stereotypes: Do You Believe in Them?

used car dealershipsIt’s sad to think that many areas of life have some sort of stereotype attached to them. The way you eat, the way you walk, your career, the places you visit – just a few areas in life that end up being stereotyped. And you still don’t know if you’ll believe it or just laugh at it.

But that’s not the end of it. What you drive also says a lot about your personality. We make some sort of judgment about others based on what they drive, not on their true personality. And sometimes, we often think it’s true. So here are some of the most common stereotypes about the people who own some of the most popular cars today.

That 4×4 Hummer

You often see drivers of this huge 4×4 as big men who really don’t care about gas prices or the reasons behind that price hike. As the Hummer is one of the cars that have not-so-good gas mileage, and they’re costly and intimidating, people who drive Hummers are often portrayed as arrogant and selfish.

That Ferrari

He’s the rich kid who just brings that blazing Ferrari to school to impress the ladies. These people are often trying to look not conscious about the car they drive, as they know people will be amazed since it’s a Ferrari.

That Ford Pinto

People often portray the drivers of these cars as old men still living in the past. They’re regular visitors of used car dealers for service and repairs. They can afford to buy a new one, but they just can’t dispose this model for sentimental reasons. They will even pay every day for repairs just to drive it to a grocery store.

That Red Beetle

We often portray the drivers of a Volkswagen Beetle as geeky girls with braced teeth and huge eyeglasses who make arguments about how the Earth becomes Earth and other rocket science issues. They’re the Dean’s Listers who love to read, read, read, and read.

Of course, keep in mind that all of these stereotypes are just plain – stereotypes. Just because they’re driving that old clunker or not a fan of buying new or used cars doesn’t mean that reflects their entire personality.

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