4 Inspirations for Maximising Your Lot’s Extra Rear Space

houseAustralian families looking for good properties have a lot of floor layout designs to choose from. From those with narrow lots to traditional ones, designs for a dream house are just a consultation away.

One popular design today is the rear lane cottage lot. In this layout, the garage is located at the rear and come with a separate entry. What makes it extra special is that you can use the space for anything you want. Families who value living spaces can find many good uses for this, which can even improve the appeal of the property in the long run.

Take a look at some of the things you can do with extra living space at the back of your property:

Home Theatre

Seasoned builders say that more homeowners like to turn their garages into a home theatre. There are many good reasons to follow suit. For one, it can become a private space for your family to enjoy watching films or to do other fun activities. Novus-Homes.com.au recommends talking with your builder so you can tailor fit the space for your home theatre specifications.

Al Fresco Dining

If you are the type who is into backyard barbecue parties, you can use the extra space at the rear for al fresco dining. You can hold parties there, with extra space to spare for more guests. You can enjoy sumptuous dinners with your family under the stars every once in a while.

Private Study / Home Office

The liveable space is also perfect for a private study or a home office. Its location at the rear section of the property makes for an ideal working environment. You can work at peace without the usual distractions when working at home.


Lastly, you can turn the additional space into a giant playroom. Let your kids play to their hearts’ content safely under your watch. Just make sure the room is child-proof by removing possible safety hazards, for good measure.

There are various ways to maximise space with the rear lane cottage lot design. With the help of reliable builders, you can make your property truly worthy of being called home.