4 Signs You Need to Look for a New Gym Instructor

a gym trainer helping her clientSome relationships with personal trainers are a match made in heaven. But others, not so much. If you’ve been having trouble communicating and reaching your fitness goals, it may be time to break up and look for a new coach.

Experts at MUV Fitness Portland discusses the signs you need to have “the talk” with your trainer.

You are being pushed to the point of injury

Training sessions should test your strength and drive you to the limit, but not go beyond it. Remember that suffering from sharp physical pain is not normal. After telling your coach this, he or she has to halt the session immediately.

If your trainer dismisses it, you should start looking for someone who knows how to encourage past the comfort zone, but never to the point of physical harm.

Your trainer is always spacing out

How can you achieve your workout goals if your trainer is glued to the TV playing in the background constantly or too busy talking to other people? A fitness coach is there to provide expertise, keep you injury-free, and watch your form. Money aside, if their focus is not on you, it is high time to part ways.

You are required to go on a meal plan

Unless your instructor is also a registered dietitian, it’s not his or her job to give in-depth nutrition advice. General recommendations are welcome, such as choosing whole grains and filling half of your plate with vegetables.

More chat, less training

Talking about your health and your lifestyle is important for your trainer to know which routine is best for you. Additionally, it is a good way to build rapport. But once they become too friendly, you might find yourself chatting more than exercising.

When this happens, consider getting coffee as friends, but start looking for a new trainer.

People throw thousands of dollars per month to get the expertise and guidance of a personal trainer, and it’s just right to get their money’s worth. Instead of stressing you out, your coach should make you feel more motivated to come to the gym.