5 Pet Care Mistakes That Even Good Owners Commit

Too much love can be a bad thing, especially when grooming and taking care of your pets.

petsGood pet owners usually do not want to deprive their little friend of essentials like a vaccination. As a result, you tend to overdo grooming and caring treatments for your pets, not knowing that these can only lead to further complications.

1. Using strong toxic products as cleaning tools

To provide complete care, pet care experts like shop4pets.com.au suggest even pet cleaning products should be animal-friendly. Make sure to use products that contain essential oils and extracts that can relax your pet, and avoid strong chemicals. Choose the products that can eliminate stinky odour in bedding and kennels without causing your pet some health complications.

2.Leaving out the fun in grooming and bathing sessions

Other than training your dog to “sit,” and “stay,” command your dog to keep calm during bath time. Starting at an early age can help in making your pet comfortable with a tub of water. During the bath, give a few pieces of dog treats in the tub, and gently scrub your dog’s body. This can create a perception that bath time is a positive experience rather than a traumatic one.

3. Overdoing vaccination shots

Of course, any veterinarian would suggest vaccination, but only in the early stages. Once your pet becomes a full-grown dog or cat, its immune system should be in good shape. Maintain the series of shots for every four or five years to avoid excessive vaccination, resulting in worse conditions.

This does not mean, however, that you can skip your pet’s check-ups and routing blood work. You can switch to one or three years of interval for vaccination, depending on your pet’s needs and the vet’s prescription.

4. Overfeeding your puppy or kitten

In keeping your pets healthy and happy, you often overfeed them, continuously throwing them treats. Too many tasty treats, however, may turn your pets into obese slackers.

Just like in humans, obesity in dogs can increase risks for various health problems, such as arthritis and other orthopaedicissues. As it is difficult to balance your pet’s diet, consult a veterinarian who can select good quality treats for your pet. You can also ask for some feeding and training tips to help your pet get in shape.

Remember to keep a balanced care regimen for your beloved pets. Overdoing or scrimping on the essentials may impact your pet’s growth and development.