5 Reasons Batam is an Amazing Weekend Holiday Destination

bridge on Sentosa IslandLife in Singapore can be hectic all you want is a getaway even for just the weekend. Lucky for you, there is Batam. A free trade area, Batam is one of the most popular weekend destinations for the Singaporeans and tourists, which is not surprising because of the memorable experiences it provides. If you are planning a holiday somewhere near the Lion City, here are some reasons to include Batam in your itinerary:

1. It is just a ferry ride away

If you want to get to Batam, all you need to do is to ride a ferry. You will be there in 40 minutes or so! If that is not enough great information, there are different routes available and four ferry operators, namely Majestic, Sindo, Horizon, and Batam. These options give you more flexible itineraries and budget.

2. You can use SGD in big shopping centres and hotels

Converting currencies can be a hassle. Fortunately, when you are in Batam, you will find many shops offering such service (along with duty-free shopping). Moreover, different shopping centres and hotels accept Singaporean dollars.

3. There is no need to adjust to the climate

Batam enjoys a tropical climate, which is similar to that of Singapore. If there is one thing you need to adjust to, it is the time difference, as the island is an hour behind. But it simply requires changing your watch’s hands.

4. Choose from various accommodation options

As a popular tourist destination, Batam offers various accommodation options for visitors. If you want complete privacy, you can rent an entire home. Prices may vary depending on the location and age of the property. You can likewise search for the best hotel in Batam, which is usually accessible and offers services the island is well known for, such as spa and massages.

5. Enjoy more beach, sun and sand

What is a trip to Batam without hitting the beaches? Enjoy a full day of water sports, seafood and relaxation. You can likewise travel through the bridges to reach the outlying islands.

Batam is less than an hour away, so you have no excuse not to pack your bags and treat yourself to a fun-filled weekend. Bring your friends and create wonderful memories together.