A Beginner’s Guide to Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Google Adwords interfaceWhile marketing via traditional media has long excluded small businesses from participating due to its costly price tag, online marketing has somehow leveled the playing field. Nowadays, even a small business in Denver, Colorado can compete with a multinational firm in terms of online presence.

That is through a strategic online marketing game, such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management. PPC is basically purchasing visits to your site. Rather than waiting for organic visits, PPC is your way of announcing to the internet that your product exists and that they should notice it.

If done right, your investment of $3 for an ad placement on a search engine could earn you $300 of profit.

The Basics

PPC marketing has three main goals. These include promoting brand awareness, lead generation, and, ultimately, sales increase. You achieve these goals via a crucial keyword: relevance.

Given how consumers use search engines to look for all types of products and services — oftentimes with rather specific requirements — advertisers ought to be able to deliver the most significant response to these queries to ensure market share.

Two of the biggest PPC platforms include Google AdWords and Bing Ads. The former was launched in 2000 and runs on Google, Display Network sites, and Search Partner sites. The latter places ads on the Yahoo! and Bing networks.

In terms of market command, Google AdWords is, objectively, the more competitive and cost-efficient option.

The Benefits

Aside from the goals already mentioned, PPC marketing has other benefits for brands and businesses. For one, its results are easy to measure and trace.

This offers insights to business owners into which strategies are working and which ones are falling short. Furthermore, there’s a wealth of data to be had here, data which you can use to optimize your targeted online marketing further.

PPC is a small business’ fair shot at announcing itself to the world. If your business has vision in mind, this marketing strategy is yours to mine.