A First Look at Occupational Hygiene

observing workplace safetyEvery organisation should make workplace safety and health as among its top priorities. For this reason, occupational hygiene is important.

What is occupational hygiene?

Occupational hygiene is the process of using science and engineering to prevent ill health from work activities. People in the workplace must understand the health risks caused by their environment. This is why it’s important for companies to consult an environmental consultancy firm to provide them with solutions to existing workplace problems. There are engineers, biologists, chemists, and other professionals who practice this.

Why is it important?

Plumbers were poisoned by lead, cutlery grinders died from cancer, and many others. You often hear these stories in the news. These are illnesses acquired from the workplace.

Too much exposure to chemicals and substances may cause serious health condition. This is why COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) Regulations 2002 has been passed. It requires the completion of appropriate risk assessment. It also requires the use of safety measures to protect your employees from danger.

If your employees acquired health problems from the workplace, it could have a negative effect on your business and affect the entire production of your organisation. This is why you need the expertise of environmental monitoring professionals.

What are its benefits?

The company and its workers benefit from good occupational hygiene. Workers can have improved health. They can also enjoy a longer life expectancy. The company, on the other hand, can save more money. This is because there will be lower social and healthcare costs. A good occupational hygiene can maximise workers’ potential. It influences the productivity of workers, so the organisation can enjoy an increase in profit.

Does it include noise assessment?

Frequent contact with high levels of noise can cause stress. For this reason, The Control of Noise at Work Regulation 2005 gives employers the responsibility to carry out a sufficient assessment of this particular risk. Look for a trusted provider of risk assessment services. It will help you know if your organisation is performing against the “Action Levels” specified in the regulation.

Firms that provide environmental monitoring services, use industry standard technology to measure the level of noise accurately. They will also provide advice on how to minimise noise.

People are the most important asset of an organisation. So make sure keeping them safe is your top priority.

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