Ad Extensions that Boost Click-Through Rate

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Paid advertising requires a strategy; the last thing you want to do is spend money on a campaign or a set of keywords that don’t deliver click-through and conversions. You want to outsmart the competition without spending as much as they do.

A PPC marketing expert in Denver cites the following ways you can leverage ad extensions and gain the upper hand while staying within budget.

Site Link Extensions

These provide you with an additional line of text that displays when your ads show in the top three results. They look like organic search site links when you make a query for names of companies. You can use up to four link extensions that display below your advertisements, but you can make more and let Google choose which to use.

When you add site link descriptions to groups of ads, it provides you with two additional lines of text under your headings and boosts click-through. By applying this strategy, you differentiate yourself from others and overtake other paid advertisements on results pages.

Call Extensions

When you add call extensions to your ads, it allows potential customers to contact you easily. This feature is perfect for brands where customers need to make calls regularly during the sales process. One of the advantages of this extension is that your audience can just click to call using software or their smartphones.

Structured Snippets

You can create structured snippets to display the data of products just below the advertisement description lines. You can make a snippet for featured hotels, insurance, models, service catalogs, brands, amenities, shows, neighborhoods, and others.

Review Extensions

This feature is different from star ratings and may be more difficult to achieve, because you may have to get approximately 150 reviews within the calendar year if you have an e-commerce website. The extension works by enabling you to provide a snippet of a review on verified websites that do reviews.

These are just some of the ways you can leverage ad extensions to gain a competitive advantage. Implement these to boost click-through rates and get more conversions per visit.