Advantages of Clear Span Tents

Clear Span TentsClear span tents do not come with interior poles but are supported with the help of frames. These tents are very versatile and can easily be anchored either by weights or stakes. The kind of anchoring entirely depends upon the requirements of the site and your needs. 

These clear span tents, which you can rent in Wisconsin, come with many benefits.

  • Flexibility of the design

People love clear span tents because of their design. The advantage is that you get maximum interior space, thus making the tent perfect for all kinds of events and occasions. Since there are no interior poles, the area inside is actually spacious. The open space is excellent for larger events such as performances or even weddings. The design also provides for sidewalls, so the tent gives the appearance of a permanent enclosure. This structure is engineered to offer protection against all kinds of weather too, unlike other tents and structures.

  • Portable but durable

This structure is not only sturdy but also offer portability and flexibility, making it very useful and sought-after. They give you a freedom to pick your site as they are very adjustable. This kind of tent can be set up bang next to a building, in the parking area and on any ground that is suitable for the event you are celebrating. They also come in various sizes ranging from 13’ right up to 164’ in width. You can get any length you require to fit the needs of the event or the site.

  • Useful accessories

Finally, clear span tents can withstand very strong winds as they can be secured to the ground using various options. You can also choose any of the accessories that go with these tents, such as choice of flooring, side paneling, lighting, liners and many other such useful add-ons. You can have it climate-controlled, which are useful for certain occasions, or when you need to have some measure of comfort from the sun.

With all the flexibility that the clear span tents offer, it becomes a clear choice for any special occasion that you would want to host in an outdoor venue.