All You Need to Know about Hospice Care

happy senior citizensAlthough hospice services are at times mistaken to be given to cancer patients only, they are meant for all patients who are terminally ill. Even victims of grisly road accidents benefit from these services. The Center for Hospice Care notes that some necessary things you need to know about hospice in Indiana include:

The purpose

Hospice care’s primary role is to support the sick patient. There are there to offer support, ensure that they are mentally, spiritually and emotionally stable. The doctor, nurse or the clergy ensures that the patient is not fighting the reality but making peace. The family members are also helped to accept what is coming to them.

The people who offer the service

Hospice care is provided to all patients who enroll for it after being diagnosed with less than six months to live. The care is provided by a trained nurse, your doctor, social workers, some trained volunteers who will help the family from time to time and therapists.

Services offered

The hospice team provides professional counseling and therapy to patients when needed. They also help manage the pain and make life more bearable. Family members are also trained on how to handle the patient appropriately.

Your options

If your sick relative or friend is under hospice care, you can take him/her home and let the doctor and other specialists come there. But at times, the doctor may feel that the patient needs 24/7 care from a trained doctor or nurse and thus suggest an inpatient facility.


Give your family and your sick relative a comfortable time as they handle the reality that they will be passing on in six months’ time. This fact is not easy for anyone, and hospice aims at lessening the burden. Some caregivers and the clergy will still be with you even after your loved one has passed on.