Apples Loses Patent Case Against Samsung

Tech and gadget giant Apple lost the US trade panel ruling in a patent case against its competitor Samsung.

apple vs samsung

The International Trade Commision (ITC) announced that Apple infringeda Samsung copyright, which means some older versions of iPad and iPhone are banned from sale in the US. The copyright issue relates to a 3G wireless device and the ability to send multiple services correctly and simultaneously.

Apple announced its plans to appeal. The decision could be reversed by a US presidential rule within 60 days.

The ITC’s ruling

The ruling reversed an earlier verdict by ITC Judge James Gildea, who said last September that Apple didn’t break the patents at issue in the case filed almost three years ago.

According to Samsung’s statement, they “believe the ITC’s final determination has confirmed Apple’s history of free-riding on Samsung’s technological innovations.”

The ITC ordered a stop on all imports and sales on AT&T- sold units of iPhone 4, iPhone 3, iPhone 3GS, and also iPad 2G and iPad 2 3G. Some of the gadgets are no longer available for sale in the US.

Stopping Android

The patent case is the most recent development in the middle of an outbreak of litigation between the two technology giants, who are locked in legal battles in no fewer than 10 countries.

Analysts say Apple wants to limit the development of Google’s Android system.As a result, smartphone manufacturers that use the Android system, such as Samsung and HTC, have been involved in various legal battles.

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