Atypical: The Grit of the Average Student

Pupils Wearing School Uniform In Computer ClassThe average student is said to be neither gifted with high intelligence nor possess admirable athleticism. Average students make up most of the population. But a few of these average students go on their way to become successful.

They make it up with their ability to persevere even when things do not go their way. They have grit, and it sets them apart from other students who may be judged to be more capable than they are. These students may be called the atypical average student.

The atypical average student has mastery of the subject.

Extensive mastery of a subject or skill will set the atypical average student apart from others. Most of them would join a tuition centre to improve their skills and learn more about their subjects, such as Algebra, Maths, and even H2 Economics. A good tuition centre would help improve their skills in the chosen subject and eventually achieve mastery in that area.

The atypical average student works smart.

Consider two students who go to the same school. They have the same book and follow the same curriculum. However, the atypical average student acquires materials for more learning. They may need to go to the library to read more books on the topic. They often foresee that most standardised exams will not suit their style of learning.

The atypical average student focuses on their long-term goals.

Many atypical average students learn to be patient. Such student would rather study their subjects first and enjoy their rewards later. They know what they want, and they can focus on what they need to do to achieve those goals.

Grit can be learned. This grit motivates the atypical average student, but educators need to recognise them early on. They can be classified as average, but their perseverance and hard work make them exceptional.