Baby Laundry: Caring for Baby Clothes

hanging clothesAlthough it seems tempting to include your baby’s clothes with the rest of the laundry, infant garments need special care. Baby clothing store The Little Haven offers tips on taking care of your little one’s clothing:

New Clothing Care

Wash brand new baby clothes before they are worn to remove possible impurities. Some baby garments are treated with antibacterial and antifungal chemicals, which can irritate your baby’s skin.

Read the Instructions

Before washing the baby clothes, read the washing instructions. Some clothes have special washing requirements found on a tag inside. Follow the instructions carefully to avoid shrinking or damaging the garment.

Detergent Guide

Look for detergents that are free of bleaches and dyes to avoid sickness and irritation. Avoid using fabric softeners, as it will not rinse out of the clothing. As your baby’s skin is delicate, it is best to use non-bio detergent, which is specially formulated for sensitive skin.

Separating Clothes

To avoid staining light coloured fabrics, separate your baby’s clothes by colour. You also need to separate baby clothes soiled with baby food or diaper leaks to prevent bacteria from spreading to other garments.

Washing and Rinsing

Wash your baby clothes in cold water to prevent the growth of bacteria in the fabric. To make sure that the detergent is completely rinsed out, run the clothes for additional rinse. For cloth diapers and soiled clothes, wash them in hot water, followed by a cold rinse.

Treating Stains

If there are any stains in the clothing, soak them before washing. Use a soft-bristled brush and a little amount of soap to remove the stain. If you decide to use bleach on white clothing, make sure that you wash and rinse them thoroughly.

Drying Clothes

Dry the clothes completely before folding and storing them. You can also let the clothes air dry or dry them in the house without dryer sheets. These sheets may leave residue on the fabric that can irritate the baby’s skin.

Follow these tips to take good care of your baby clothes. It is also advisable to look for baby clothes that are easy to wash and quick drying. Stay away from clothing with details like sequins, as they may be difficult to wash.