What Basic Health Screening Truly Stands For

Health ScreeningYou may have thought that vaccines create invincible individuals and shield them from illnesses. Well, they would work favourably, but only in conditions designed for them to prevent. Now, if you think you are strong enough to face the risks that may challenge your health just because you had some shots in the past, then this is a mistake – and potentially a dangerous one.

The Thomson Lifestyle Centre discusses below why basic health screening is important.

Immune System Failure

Nobody is immune to any type of ailment lurking within the environment. Vaccines only work for a certain time, after which boosters are necessary. In planning the next vacation, it is better to think of possible ways to thwart looming health hazards, and it starts with basic health screening.

Why Health Screenings are a Requirement

Since there is no guarantee of a perennially healthy body, you can take a few steps forward and learn why your system needs some checking before you hike off to your choice destination.

Here are two good reasons why you need it most:

• You have an unstable blood pressure or a history of hypertension; or
• You want to know if you have developed some form of ailment, even if you do not feel any physical symptoms.

What Makes It Different From Diagnostic Tests?

A series of physical examinations, tests and other procedures involved in basic health screenings can reveal high blood sugar levels, high blood cholesterol, or signs of cervical or breast cancer. This is quite different from diagnostic tests that help physicians in treating patients with known diseases, though. It only acts as a tool to help doctors suggest suitable recommendations to would-be patients.

Is It Affordable?

Some people think they can barely afford the process of health screening, but to those who think otherwise, finding the nearest medical clinic and paying a price that can help promote a healthier body is not a bad thing at all. Good news is, in Singapore, national health programmes offer health screenings for those who need financial assistance.

Placing health above luxuries may yet be your ticket to a longer and fruitful life. So, what about conducting a lifestyle check to know which among your priorities goes into the bin?