Battle of Patents: Apple versus Samsung

Apple Inc insists that it must receive $2.52 billion worth of damages in its legal battle against Samsung Electronics Co. with regard to technology patents in smartphones and tablets such as iPhone and iPad. Apple indicted the South Korean electronics titan of infringing its patents by copying the style and mechanism of the Apple products. Apple called its approximation conservative and still thinks of pursuing a ban to prevent violations from happening in the future.

Samsung argued and said that it only developed the product’s distinctiveness to win the market. It accused Apple of suppressing legal competition and limiting choice among consumers to maintain its profits. It also said Apple is actually liable in paying a large sum of money for using patented Samsung technology.

In its filing, Apple asserted it is to receive just royalty rates amounting to $31 per unit. It includes $24 for use of Apple’s patented design, $3.10 for the scrolling technology. $2.02 for a patent relating to “tap to zoom” feature and another $2.02 for the “bounce” feature that lets users know that they reached the screen’s bottom.

Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook and Samsung’s key executives participated in the mediation to put resolution in the case. Reports said the resolution apparently seemed to be implausible.

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