The Big Move: Office Relocation Checklist

office relocationMoving to a new office is more challenging than moving to a new house. You’ll have to keep the operations of your business in mind, while transferring bulky and costly equipment, tools, and furniture. Preparation is the key to avoid making this process stressful. Read the following checklist to help you:

Choose the Most Appropriate Date

Moving to a new office shouldn’t mean that you have to stop operations. By choosing the right date, you can keep the business going as usual. If your office operates from Monday to Friday, why not schedule on a weekend or holiday. It might cost more, but at least you won’t have to miss anything and keep your productivity stable.

Hire Professional Cleaners

Cleaning the premises before moving out is a good way to show gratitude to your proprietor. This also keeps you away from encountering problems, like a reduced or no deposit. As you’re probably busy with the move, New Focus Cleaning says hiring professionals could make each corner spotless. From the filthy carpet to the stained wall, you’ll leave an impression that you’re a decent tenant all the way.

Start Packing As Early As Possible

Take care of any visit from clients and business partners first then start packing a month before the move. Pack items that your employees rarely use but still need. Start removing smaller decorations too. Don’t attempt to pack everything, as moving out is also an ideal time to upgrade. Documents, for instance, are heavy and bulky. If it’s okay to keep a soft copy, scanning and saving them as PDF or JPEG files will reduce the clutter in your future office.

Moving out from your office means hard work, but you can make it easy with preparation. All you need is to plan beforehand, from the date to hiring reliable cleaning experts.