Bobcat Compact Tractors for Home and Commercial Use

TractorWith many Bobcat hire companies in Perth, you have to choose the one that offers the equipment you need for your home or commercial construction project. With Bobcat equipment, you are already sure of all-out excellence. You just need to figure out which equipment to use.

Know everything about Bobcat compact tractors and how you benefit from them.

Tractor Uses

Home backyards, diverse grounds, building sites and landscaping areas—you name it and the Bobcat compact tractor will bulldoze its way through it. It can be very helpful for tasks such as landscape designing or land maintenance. Work on an impressive landscaped property worthy of being the next Australian Home of the Year with your hired tractor.

Operational Convenience at its Finest

Feel at ease while driving this type of tractor as you can easily alter your direction with its hydrostatic transmission. Choose between the usual flexible suspension seat and the superior for greater luxury. Rubber floor pads, mug holder, open foot legroom and an angled steering wheel complete the tractor amenities.

Quality Models in Line

Bobcat offers eight heavy-duty models featuring a horsepower ranging from 22 to 49 HP. You also get over 24 accessories and back implements that optimise efficiency without the added burden of paying too much.

Classic Hire says DIY homemakers and professional builders benefit from these heavy-duty equipment for hire. Most companies also offer trailers and compactors for hire. Get these to fulfil other tasks a Bobcat equipment cannot do.

There are three Shuttle Shift Transmission models geared towards boosting power take-off horsepower. They let operators change directions without stopping and coordinate machine pace with job obligations.

Doing a DIY home renovation project or being part of a building construction job means thinking about the proper tools to get things done the right way. Make sure to rent equipment that you need and ensure that the tractors are in good working condition to avoid problems.