Business Protection Plan: Ways to Prevent Unexpected Vehicle Loss

Vehicles are among the most valuable assets your company has, so it’s important to protect them from unexpected loss or theft. Investing in a business car insurance policy is a good way to do this, but prevention is also a sensible option.

Car theft is one of the biggest problems faced by business that use vehicles in their daily operations. Those with ill-intentions attack at times when you least expect them, so having a comprehensive plan will help you prevent such incidents from happening. Follow these tips to ensure the safety of your assets and to protect your business from unexpected losses.

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For Business Use Only

Using your company vehicle to deliver goods and pick up supplies during office hours is normal and acceptable. Using it for personal needs is a different story, though. You should understand that the longer your company vehicle stays on the road, especially after hours, the greater the chances of a carjacking taking place. Always remember that the vehicle you’re driving is strictly for business use only.

Keeping an Eye on the Fleet

Modern technology can help with the prevention of vehicle theft. Installing GPS tracking devices, for instance, is an effective way to monitor your fleet’s exact location. These systems send signals to the owner when a vehicle goes out of route, an indication that someone might have stolen it. Tracking your company vehicles also helps ensure that they’ll reach their destinations faster and return at the expected time.

Security Measures

While most vehicles today come with advanced security features, it’s still important to equip yourself and your employees with enough knowledge and skills. Identify the danger zones in and around your business area and create a safety plan accordingly. Install additional anti-theft devices in your vehicles for improved security.

There’s always a way to prevent theft from happening, but in case the unexpected occurs, a motor vehicle insurance will protect your company against unexpected loss. Talk to your insurance partner to learn more about this option.