Career Calibration: Upgrade Your Looks to Rise Up the Ranks

Young man's hair being groomedIf you intend to make yourself worthy of your boss’ attention, you may have to consider going through personal upgrades. However, other than studying and training for the position you’re aiming for, many are clueless on the physical features they would need to improve on to get promoted. Looks may not be everything, but it will be worth your career to start improving on these factors:

Your Teeth

Believe it or not, studies have shown that having good teeth can significantly raise one’s chances at being hired or promoted. In some cases, a straight set of pearly whites can even be a pre-requisite for certain job positions. Make time to visit your local Tauranga dentists regularly. Ask about advanced dental treatments that can improve your smile and your chances of being noticed by your higher ups.

Your Hygiene

This may seem like common sense, but it still gets left out sometimes because of busy schedules or tiredness. The regular habit of taking baths, shampooing, brushing your teeth, and cleaning your nails are part of looking, smelling, and feeling good every day. This, in turn, can boost your efficiency and self-confidence. Besides, sacrificing your personal hygiene in exchange for work can put your health and eventually your career in danger.

Your Wardrobe

Even if you love buying clothes, you should choose outfits that would fit your office’s requirements and at the same time look smart on you. Get yourself simple yet classy jewellery pieces. Invest in an expensive watch and shoes. Aim for a respectable and professional look by choosing black and neutral colours. Of course, you would have to consider your budget so choose well and wisely.

How you look matters. Not only does it say volumes about you, it also helps your self-esteem and boosts one’s confidence. It’s therefore important to invest a little on yourself and your image if you’re serious about making it to the top.