Choosing a Location for Your Compressor

Black air compressorExperts at Air Energy explains that the positioning of the air compressor in your industrial facility has an impact on its performance. Not only does the location of the compressor affect the service life of the compressor, but it also affects the efficiency of your facility and the productivity of your employees. Here are factors to consider when looking for a suitable location for your compressor:

The Area Near Your Compressor

Just as you want your facility to remain clean, the area near your compressor should also be clean. Create a containment area that will handle the leakages that may occur from your machine, and prevent further spread.

The Location of Your Power Source

When the distance between your system and the power source is large, you are likely to experience high costs in powering your system. Minimise the distance as much as you can and save your operational costs. An easy way to find a location for your system is to consider where your power source is located.

Circulation of Air in Your Space

The room temperature should be cool when you install your compressor. When the temperature is high, the system has to work hard and thus use up the lubricants fast. Since high temperatures are not suitable for system operation, you can make room for ventilation that will favour free flow of air and therefore favour the operation of your system.


Once in a while, you will need to service your compressor for continued functionality. Thus, you should ensure that your compressor is accessible to the service technician. Make sure that there is enough room to open up the system and facilitate servicing. Do not compromise on the safety of your equipment in the ideal location.

In industrial applications, air compressors cause vibrations that can disrupt the operations in your facility. While vibration dampeners can work to minimise the vibrations, a more permanent solution to the vibrations is getting a suitable location for your compressor.