Clear Braces – Whom Are They Right For?

Teeth model with InvisalignMany adults are now considering sorting out problems with the alignment of their teeth. This is because braces equipment has developed a lot in recent years. Many companies that provide braces are now more inclined to pay attention to the aesthetics of the components. This has given rise to clear braces. These offer teeth straightening options to people who have to strongly consider the impact that their dental treatment has on their look. This might be someone who has to give presentations in their work, for example, or someone who enjoys a busy social life.

When someone wants to consider clear braces in Harley Street, they need to seek out a practice that carries them like Harley Street Dental Clinic. They may need to have an assessment to check that their dental issues can be tackled using one of the popular clear braces methods, like Invisalign.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign aligners are a type of clear braces in Harley Street. They are so-called because they are made from see-through, BPA-free plastic. They are durable, comfortable and fast-acting. Invisalign aligners are thin, which means that they sit snugly against the teeth. This is why they are hard to spot when someone is wearing them.

How do patients get Invisalign?

Everyone gets a different set of aligners when they work with clear braces in Harley Street, like Invisalign. These are made based on information gathered by the patient’s dentist, which is then sent to Invisalign. They use their many years of expertise, and modern technology to craft a series of aligners that is then returned to the client’s dentist. They are trained, by Invisalign, to offer this treatment and monitor the patient’s progress.

How does Invisalign work?

The patient is given a series of aligners. They are instructed to wear the first in the set and this applies pressure to their teeth in order to get them to move just a little. When the teeth conform to the shape of the inside of the aligner – usually in a week or two depending on the method – they switch it for the next in the series. This process continues until they reach the end of the set.