College Degrees that might Give You a Stable Career

Choosing the right degree will help you establish a good career. It can be hard, though, to choose one that will lead you to success. Human Resources expert Susan Heathfield says it might be better to think about taking the following degrees if you want to have a stable career:

  1. Health Care Administration
    Heathfield says the need for awareness for preventive care provides opportunities to health care administration graduates. This degree may provide courses on financial management, human resources, and policy-making. These are important for managing health care facilities like nursing homes and hospital departments.
  2. Criminal Justice
    The U.S. Department of Labor noted new openings for officers in local departments might be possible. Students may study different courses on psychology, law, public administration, and sociology under this degree.
  3. Accounting
     Taking an accounting degree can give you career opportunities in several industries as organizations comply with the financial sector’s new standards and laws. Accounting majors can learn about data analysis, collection, and financial management.
  4. Marketing and Communications
    Heathfield says people with knowledge on social media and marketing are in demand. As marketing majors learn how to create and sell products, employers will surely seek those who earn this degree.
  5. Information Technology
    Technology is continuously evolving, creating a demand for people who are experts in this field. Heathfield also says employers are crazy on finding people with knowledge on information technology. If you are quite the techie, this degree might be the one you are looking for.

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