Comet Could Blast Earth With Unusual Meteor Shower, Scientists Say

cometComet ISON, NASA’s newly discovered comet could spark an unusual meteor shower on Earth when it arrives next year. Scientists say the comet is heading towards the sun and is already shedding dust at a rate of about 112,000 pounds per minute.

Computer simulations predicting the location and movement of the comet’s dust trail show the comet will be passing through the Earth around January 12, 2014.

NASA photographed the ISON on April 10, while it is slightly closer to Jupiter’s orbit at a distance of 386 million miles from the sun.

Astronomer Paul Wiegert of University of Western Ontario in Canada said that the particles that will be coming from the comet would be “so small.” He said that even though they hit the atmosphere while triggering shooting stars, they would be stopped entirely.

Find out more in this article at Discovery News.

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