Content Marketing V. 2015

Priority Mobile UsersNothing represents a company’s expertise on its business than good content. An informative, accurate and new blog post goes a long way in convincing current customers that a company is the real deal. It can even get shares and mentions on social media profiles, leading to more exposure.

More people end up reading accessible articles rather than ones with unintelligible albeit important information. That’s why through the years, SEO copywriting services and the like are becoming more user-friendly to accommodate most readers. It’s good for business and a company still accomplishes their main objective: to inform customers.

Back in 2014, location-based marketing, custom content and the like were all the rage. How would content be this 2015?

1. More “Clickable”

Reading content used to be just, well, reading. Readers are demanding for these articles to be more interactive, because it can get dull. Now, writers go to great lengths to draw readers. By putting more pictures, bullet points and clickables, reading content is poised to become more reciprocative.

2. Analytics Will Rise

Just in the past year, analytics is exclusively a marketer’s tool. This year, Facebook and Twitter rolled out analytics for the public. Now that people know how to measure each of their post, tweet or blog entry’s success, there will be more focus on statistics.

3. Priority: Mobile Users

Last year was the dawn of widespread mobile marketing. This year, considering mobile users outnumber desktop users, there will be a drastic shift in what to accommodate. Think touch screens and touch interface in determining how to approach the mobile market.

4. Visual Content More Important Than Ever

If visual content was big last year, it will be a bigger deal this 2015. If there’s something readers find accessible, it’s pictures. Expect infographics and Buzzfeed-style list articles to really take off this year and become the prominent style of writing.

5. More Money in Content

Content works, and judging how many businesses started creating blogs last year it’s also popular. 2015 will be the year enterprises pour more money in content and content marketing. When it increased many a company’s sales and fame, why wouldn’t it work for someone else’s business?

Across the board, the theme for content marketing this 2015 revolves around accessibility. As people can penetrate the Internet further than any previous year, it is thus logical to give them something to read. It won’t be later until other burgeoning aspects of content marketing make it big.