Controversial CEO and Founder Dov Charney Fired by American Apparel

AmericanApparelPromenadeDov Charney, 45 years old, has been terminated as President and CEO of American Apparel for “misconduct,t” and will be replaced as Chairman of the Board.

American Apparel founder Dov Charney has been ousted by the board of directors from his position as CEO and President. The decision was prompted by an ongoing investigation into Charney’s alleged misconduct.

Big business

American Apparel has over ten thousand employees, and has built a large fan base due to its commitment to manufacturing in the U.S. rather than outsourcing. However, it has gone through rough times since 2009, facing consistent annual losses, and was once caught employing illegal immigrants.

Controversial leadership

The brand has been under fire for years due to highly sexual ads, and the questionable actions of its founder. Charney once posted a video on the company’s website of him walking around the factory in his underwear, and has faced repeated sexual harassment charges from his female employees.

Unexpected dismissal

Charney stated that he did not see the dismissal coming, and will fight to regain his position. For now, American Apparel faces an uncertain future.