Discussing Plumbing Your San Diego Home

PlumberThere are many reasons to replace the plumbing in the home. It may be due to low water pressure, which could mean corroded pipes. It may be due to constant leaks that can eventually cause major damage in the home. Whatever the reason, your first concern will be the cost.

We have all heard the jokes about how expensive it is to hire plumbers. However, you can limit the amount of money you spend if you do your homework.

Here are some options to discuss with your San Diego plumber before you start the work.


You can start with replacing exposed pipes, perryplumbing.com recommends. Most of the labor costs your plumbing service will quote are for demolition and repair of walls or concrete that they will have to do to get at the pipes. The only time that you will have to start on the hidden pipes is if your problem persists after replacement of all the exposed pipes.

Expect to pay between $1,000 and $6,000 to replace just the exposed pipes in a two-bathroom 1,500 square foot home, depending on the material used.


Plumbers prefer copper pipes because they are non-reactive and last a good while. However, copper pipes are expensive compared to other material options.

One of the most popular alternatives is cross-linked polyethylene tubing or PEX. This flexible hose can fit through a small hole to replace existing pipes behind walls. The amount of demolition is less than when using rigid copper pipes. PEX is also cheaper – about 1/10th the cost of copper pipes.


Schedule your re-plumbing when you do renovations to your home. To replace a wall because of water damage, this would be the perfect time to ask your plumbing service to replace the pipes as well. You will save a lot on demolition and material costs.

When you decide to do any plumbing work, make sure that you get at least three plumbing service companies to give you a quote. You can assess their capabilities better, and you get the best prices.