Disenchantment with New Cars In The US Rises

Doug Newcomb, former editor of Road and Track Road Gear, is troubled over trend of decreasing car sales.


“I think the biggest disruption we are going to see is the drop in driver’s licensing among young people.” Newcomb says. He also adds how America’s love affair with the car is getting sour. “I talk to most young people… they are not interested in driving.”

Paul Nunes, the Director of Research at the Accenture Institute for High Performance has also observed that the latest driving technology may have discouraged many from learning how to drive. “A lot of young people don’t have an interest in driving because they have no idea what it means to drive,” he said.

Other automobile experts also cited the high prices of new cars as another reason. They commonly agree that cars are costly and that many people are now having lesser reasons to drive them. The lack of parking spaces are also an issue, especially in big, congested cities.

The only solution that car specialists see is to adapt the design of the cars according to the changing needs of its future market. This can help charm back consumers into owning new cars, they thought.

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