East, West Coast Have Higher High School Graduation Rates

The National Center of Education Statistics has shown this week a report on graduation and dropout rates in public schools. About 78 percent of high school students have graduated on time. This is the highest mean since 1974.

Graduation rates in the aspects of ethnicity and race are up across the board. Hispanic students saw a 10-point rise over five years to 71.4 percent. Black students, on the other hand, show a 7-point rise to 66.1.

graduationDespite this, it is still difficult to ignore the comparative disparities. Asian-American students graduate at a 93 percent rate. This is about 27 points greater than black students. White students graduate at 83 percent.

Also, students of different colors have greater dropout rates. As the national mean stands at 3.4 percent, the proportion for the Hispanics is 5.5 percent, and that for blacks is only 5 percent. Comparatively, only 1.9 percent of Asian and Pacific students and 2.3 percent of white students failed to finish high school.

In general, students from the East and West coasts finish high school at rates better than students in the South. The rates of dropout seem to almost reflect that effect. More students drop out of school in the South than anywhere else.

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