Employers Find Perfect Fit Through Social Media

A recent survey found that 93 percent of job recruiters look into LinkedIn, a social networking website for professionals, to find applicants they deem qualified. Last year, 66 percent of recruiters use Facebook in checking their applicants’ profile.

In general, 92 percent of employers and human resource firms use social networks in scrutinizing their applicants this year. Apparently, the strategy seems to pay off.

About 73 percent of the recruiters admitted that they hired applicants seen through a social network. Among those, 89 percent looked through LinkedIn, 26 percent use Facebook, and 15 percent use Twitter. This employers’ reliance on social media means that job hunters have to be careful with what they are putting and saying in the web.

More than half of the recruiters admitted that the applicants’ spelling or grammatical lapses were a major turnoff. Even worse, employers respond negatively on profanities and socially unacceptable statements the applicants are posting.

The Internet has evidently allowed recruiters to make their work easier in finding the perfect fit. Social networking sites make the employers’ job to scrutinize applicants more efficient. The new way of looking into the applicants’ personality also raises quality recommendation hires. Jobvite, a recruiting platform, conducted this survey among 1,000 HR professionals last month.

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