Europe: The Beauty of the Old and New

Europe – an evocative name. But it is also the name of a place that very few outsiders know little of. This continent has always been the dreamland for many people when it comes to travel, business, pleasure, and history.

The place is a witness to the rise and fall of several empires and civilizations that helped shape the world to what it is now today. Reasons for visiting this continent slash paradise are endless. If its history, arts, culture, and natural beauty are not enough to draw you in, let the cuisine, the people, and the myriad of sights and wonders to revel at be enough to meet the requirements of many a visitor.

Even if the place, by convention, is only the second-smallest continent on Earth, within that small piece of land is a plethora of incredible countries that everyone should include in their “list of places to visit before I die.”

Europe is a wonderful mix of the old and new, comfort and challenge, fun and education. Thanks to resiliency of the people, and help from organizations like NCH Capital Inc, it has been able to bounce back from the dark days of the past and now stands strong on its own feet.

A Timeline of the World

Even for many Europeans and the countries bordering the continent, the mix of culture and the diversity offers interesting faces to see and places to explore that are close and yet very different from the comforts of home. From the days of communism in Russia to the rise and fall of the Roman Empire; from the independent German states to the rich history of Scandinavia; from the royal heritage of the United Kingdom of Great Britain to the proud and powerful France; from the smallest country in the world to new nations in Eastern Europe; there’s enough places to see, people to meet, and experience to try that even a lifetime won’t be enough to explore it. Many of the countries here now are flourishing thanks to funding from local and foreign investors like Moris Tabacinic and his NCH Capital in New York.

One of the great features of the continent is that once you go there, you are bound to visit more than one country. Visiting the Eiffel Tower in France gives you the chance to make a pit stop in Spain, Great Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, or even Germany. You can even go cross-continent to the neighboring Russian Federation and see just how far-reaching Europe’s influence is. No other place in the world can you see so many different history and culture all in one relatively small place.

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