Facebook CEO plans to open public stocks

Wearing his hoodies and sneakers, one might think Mark Zuckerberg is just an ordinary man in his late twenties. He is about the same age as Michael Dell and Steve Jobs when both business giants became the heads of their respective companies, Dell Inc. and Apple, Inc.

Zuckerberg started the social network site when he was a college student at Harvard. It was meant to keep Harvard students connected with one another online. As it grew, other colleges and high schools started using the site. More than 900 million people are signed up on Facebook today, making it the most popular social networking site created.

For the first time, the 28-year old Facebook chief executive plans to sell stock to the public and begin trading on the Nasdaq Market. Facebook is expected to gain an IPO of nearly $100 million, making it on par with companies like Disney, Ford, and Kraft Foods. Once the stocks begin to sell, Zuckerberg expects to host stakeholders like Wall Street investment firms, hedge funds, and pension funds.

Zuckerberg may be ahead in the line, but he admits he still has a lot to learn. He addressed Facebook privacy blunders and admitted the mistakes of the site. Once Facebook becomes public, he may be pulled in many directions, which might be another achievement for the social network.


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