Fashion Startup Helps Predict Trends

Pop culture, politics, economics, and consumer behavior help identify the trends that take place in fashion. Combine these with observation and instinct and you find out what people will be buying the next two years. This is what trend forecasters do. Rohan Deuskar and Zach Davis hope to change that. They want to make it easier for marketers, buyers, manufacturers, and retailers through their company, Stylitics.

Stylitics helps fashion industry people predict style choices. The algorithm analyzes local clothing trends. The company lets users maintain a virtual closet. Users log in what they are wearing for the day, when they go to school, the gym, the movies, to work, or when it is raining. This allows marketers understand buyers’ clothing choices.

Users receive discounts, rewards, and information to help them with their purchasing. A user can check his “personal style report” and see the kind of clothes he wears the most. If you wear a particular style of jacket, for example, your personal style report can help you decide that buying a new jacket of the same style may be a good choice. Meanwhile, marketers can view style reports and decide what to offer real-time. People can also use it to assemble a wardrobe and ask friends to comment on it.

Deuskar and Davis won Wharton Business Plan Competition’s grand prize in April for their startup company. Stylitics has several apparel industry partners since its beta phase, like market research firm Gilt Groupe, and Lucky Brand Jeans.

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