Five Pronounced Guilty Of Costa Concordia Disaster

concordiaThe cruise shipwreck of Costa Concordia in 2012 has got its first jail sentences with five employees of the shipping company owning the vessel sentenced. Two ship officers, the helmsman, the head of the company’s crisis team and head of cabin service were given sentences of up to two years and 10 months for multiple manslaughter, shipwreck and negligence. However, none of them are expected to go to jail as jail sentences below two years are put on hold in Italy at present.

Captain Schettino, the erstwhile captain of the vessel is waiting trail and if found guilty could spend up to two decades in jail. But he maintains without his actions, there would have been more casualties. He is charged with leaving the vessel before all were evacuated and steering the vessel too fast and very close to shore.  But the Captain insists he managed to steer the ship closer to shore avoiding heavy casualties due to sinking of the vessel in deep waters.

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