Four Important Tips for Effective Glass Cleaning

Glass CleaningGlass products like windows, mirrors and shower screens can be difficult to clean. You are probably frustrated after ruthlessly trying to clean a window and leave it spotless only to end up with streaks all over. This should not stress you further. The following vital tips from Ecotech Glass will ensure that your windows and other glass items are spotless after cleaning:

Using Distilled Water

The most common mistake people make is using any water without giving a second though on the contents of the water. Just because water appears clean, it does not mean it’s free from dirt and other substances that leave streaky deposits on your windows or bathroom shower screen. Using distilled water will rule out any possibility of ending up with streaks.

Using Vinegar

Nothing gets the job thoroughly done as vinegar. It’s a very strong cleaner that is effective on almost all kinds of stains. Moreover, it’s cheaper and can easily be made at home. Mix it with water in the ratio of 50-50 and spray it on whatever you want to clean. If you are concerned about the smell then use it for outdoor glass or when nobody is at home and you are leaving.

Avoid Paper Towels

Paper towels may seem harmless but they will leave a bunch of streaks on your glasses which are even harder to clean and look really ugly when they dry up. A squeegee or micro-fibre cloth are good alternatives. In fact, frameless shower screen experts in Melbourne insist that using paper towels is the worst thing you can do while cleaning glass.

A Quick Buff

Even after doing everything correctly you can still end up with a few streaks. All you need to do is finish the job with a quick buff. Use a dry cloth and just buff over the glass. It’s important to note that, cleaning the windows frequently will ensure they collect less dust and hence, it will be much easier to clean.

Cleaning glass should not be such a hard task if you follow the right instructions. The above tips will guarantee you the results you want.