Four Things Businesses Need to Know About Google Hummingbird

google hummingbird updateThe latest Google algorithm update –Hummingbird – made a big impact on SEO and content marketing. SEO specialists and agencies expect the update to affect approximately 90% of the searches. In line with this, many businesses are now consulting SEO and Digital Marketing agencies to improve their online marketing strategies.

Here are five things businesses and SEO reseller firms need to know about Google Hummingbird:

Hummingbird Focuses on Mobile Search

The update focuses on mobile search, and for good reason. As more people use their mobile phones to access the Internet, Google saw it fit to improve their search results generation for mobile users. With the update, the search engine can better understand long tail queries. Rather than focusing on keywords to create a list of related websites, Google takes searches into context. In relation to this, the company created Google Now, an application that offers the most relevant information to users at the right time. This application is available on iOS and Android platforms.

Google Wants High-Quality Content

When it comes to search engine optimization, creating high-quality content remains important. To improve the quality of results Google provides to their users, the company is now looking for good content. This means, simply filling your webpages with keywords won’t get you on top of a results page. You need to offer helpful and reliable content to your target audience. To do this, you have to analyze your market and find out what they need.

Hummingbird Understand Complex Questions

With Hummingbird, Google now understands a series of complex questions. This makes looking for information and learning easier for users. For example, when a user searches for “pictures of Adam Sandler” and follows it up with “ When is his birthday” The search engine knows that “his” means Adam Sandler’s birthday.

Google Looks into Social Cues

As social networks continue to grow, it has become a norm for companies to be active in these venues. To provide credible and high quality results, Google includes social cues as factors when ranking websites. To benefit from this, interact with your market in major networks, including Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

SEO is continuously changing. The best way to improve your rankings is to make sure you’re following accepted search engine optimization methods. Create high-quality content and focus on your users. Remember, you’re not just optimizing your website for search engines, but for your audience too.

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