From Computer Screens to Classrooms: Screencasting for Education

larger screens for learningIt’s convenient to be able to copy your screen and then provide blow-by-blow accounts on how a specific process unfolds. There are programs, such as CamStudio for Windows 7 you can download, which will help you create tutorial videos and answer FAQs. This software is a necessary tool for professionals who need to reach a specific audience.

Schools offering online courses especially find this a practical program. You no longer need to make do with presentations and forum discussions during sessions. They’re also useful in demonstrating how to answer a particularly hard math problem or answer a test properly. This livens up your sessions and encourages more interaction from your students.

Trainings and Further Education

Screencasting software acts like a virtual blackboard teachers use to show students how to understand different concepts. If you need to go on leave, an assistant can turn on the program for you. This allows you to follow your schedule of lessons, helping students catch up and learn what they need to know.

Free downloads of CamStudio software and other platforms aren’t just for classrooms. Formal trainings for employees looking for further education often use this program. Screencast videos for different procedures. CamStudio will record them in AVI format, which you can then convert to flash videos for easier playbacks. This enables you to present screencasts through different video tools, from VLC Media player to QuickTime.

Major Presentations

You don’t need to cancel a major event because a key speaker won’t be present. Post a screencast presentation from the absent speaker, so you can go on as planned. If effective, you’ll make the audience pay due attention, urging them to participate more.

Self-Produced Videos

Onsite demonstrations at different venues is possible with a set of videos. Get pictures of places to feature in class. A visit to a factory, for instance, will let them gain inside knowledge of how a particular industry works. This is a good complement for History and Science classes. Show footage of historic venues to nurture interest in your course. This strategy will reach more students and make teaching easier.

Check out other educational benefits you can reap with screencasting programs. Make it a part of your classes to make lessons visual for your students. This will stimulate them to listen and absorb more knowledge.

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