Get Your SEO Right — Learn About the Types of Links Used

diagram of types of links that can be buildSearch engine optimization is still a mystery to many people. Even the few that are familiar with it do not agree on things such as using backlinks and link building. The questions always center on the number of links that a site should have, how optimized they should be and what percentage of them should be natural.

First off, in Utah, the best way to go about search engine optimization is to contract a digital marketing agency. They can leverage their skills to benefit your business while saving you time you could use to focus on other business processes.

Typically, the marketing agency will use one of the following types of links:

1. Brand name and naked links

A brand name link will use the name of the business or brand as the anchor text. Experts prefer to use these links often because they are natural. These brand name links are alongside their natural counterpart the naked links.

Naked links rely on the URL as the anchor text. However, they do not offer as much search engine optimization value as brand name links, and so they are sparingly used.

2. Target keyword links

Also called optimized links, these links’ anchor text is a phrase that matches an exact keyword a page has been optimized for. These links are the basis of many search engine optimization efforts.

3. Hybrid and generic links

Hybrid links are semi-optimized. The keyword phrases are not an exact match. They are perfect for long-tail keywords. Generic links, on the other hand, have an anchor text not centered on search engine optimization. They have texts such as ‘learn more’ or ‘click here.’

While some marketing companies emphasize some types of links over others, go for a company that utilizes all of them. Good search engine optimization strategy is not achievable without a good link distribution.

Your agency should also be able to market your site without exposing you to penalties due to over-optimized backlinks.