Getting Married in Minnesota? Know the Costs

Just married couple smilingIf you’re looking for a perfect destination wedding in the United States, you can go to Minnesota. The Land of 10,000 Lakes has gorgeous outdoors, thanks to its extremely varied topography. But do you know the requirements and costs to get married in Minnesota?

Cost of Wedding

Weddings can be as cheap or as pricey as you like whether you’re getting married in Minnesota or elsewhere. Nevertheless, on the average, ceremonies including receptions have a higher price tag in the state than the national average. One of the possible reasons is the average number of attendees, which can be as many as more than 200.

Another explanation may be the state’s popularity for destination weddings, especially during fall and summer when the temperature is mild. The quaint natural settings also make the state a favorite for those who want a rustic ceremony.

According to Cost of Wedding, a huge chunk of your budget will go to the venue, catering, and rentals. If you want to spend less without compromising services, you can check out this event rental services in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Marriage Requirements and Rules

Minnesota allows out-of-state couples to marry, and they only need to present their IDs and Social Security number to apply for a license. The waiting period is around five working (business) days, although you can get married as soon as you receive it. However, it is only valid for six months.

The state lets couple as young as 18 to get married, but if one of the parties is at least 16 years old, he or she needs to get parental consent. Anyone younger than that should obtain a court order. The state doesn’t require blood tests, but it also doesn’t permit marriages among cousins and by proxy.

The marriage license fee differs when you attend premarital education.  The difference can be expensive: $115 for those who did not attend, and only $40 for those who attended.

Destination weddings are not easy, so make sure you learn more about your ideal location for your wedding and make a comprehensive plan.