When the Going Gets Tough: 3 Best Types of Friends You Should Travel With

travel friendsTravelling is best enjoyed with friends. That me-time is great sometimes, but there is nothing better than seeing the world with the people closest to your heart.

Travelling with friends is, unfortunately, not always as it seems. Who you choose to travel with can make or break a great trip. You might end up with sleepless nights because of your BFF who snores like a dying gorilla, or end up with a surprisingly delightful trip because of an adventurous friend.
Here are some of the best types of friend you should travel with:

The Obsessive-Compulsive Planner

The super planners are not fun for spontaneous activities, but you need someone who will plan everything, including the booking of flights, scheduling and hiring of car rentals, and making sure everyone is on time.

There is no flexibility to the schedule, however. You would tend to rush from the airport to Perth, for example. The best thing you can do when this happens is to just get a car rental from companies like Ariescarrental.com. This will allow your group to spend less time going around and more time relaxing and sightseeing.

The Light Packer

This friend will bring half the amount of required clothes, will never bother borrowing toiletries, and will always be willing to do laundry in the bathroom sink.

The benefits of having a light packer in the group will not be obvious at first, but when you have shopped too much, you can always hop on this friend’s baggage allowance. If it is full, you can always put your new finds in the trunk of the rented car.

The YOLO Friend

Whether it’s cliff diving at Rottnest Island or skydiving in Northbridge, a little bit of adventure will always make the trip fun. The YOLO friend will push you to do things you have never done or never found the guts to do before. This person simply puts the YOLO in your trip. Be prepared to do a lot of driving around, though. Here’s a good tip, too: Do not bring your own car.
Sometimes it is best to choose the people you travel with. Of course, when you are in a new place, you want to be with the friends who do more than just take selfies all day.