Grand Theft Auto – Averted! : Three Tips to Keep Your Car From Getting Jacked!

carnapped carYour car is considered one of your prized possessions. And if you know that the car has value to you, so does to other people. Simply put, thieves are always out there looking to get their hands on a few rides left unattended.

Australia has one of the highest rates of car theft in the world, so get clued in!

If you do not want to say an untimely goodbye to your car, here are a few tips to help prevent you being the victim of a grand theft auto.

Alarms and Immobilizers

Alarms sound simple enough, but it cannot be stressed enough. Alarms are installed security systems that blare klaxons when the car is under threat of theft. Though many cars have OEM alarms installed upon purchase, you can augment these by using aftermarket ones.

Depending on the alarm, it can function using motion sensors, or if there is an access attempt without the key fob. Furthermore, alarms can be triggered without an actual threat, so equipping silent immobilizers also help. This helps deter thieves and give you an early warning heads-up.

Anti-Breach Glass

Aside from fraudulent and carjacking theft methods, the most common is breaking and entering, whereby the thief breaches the windows to gain access. From there, they can hotwire the thing and speed off like he stole it (which he did). Given that any criminal can get their hands on a blunt weapon, one thing you can do to counter this is reinforcing the windows with protection films. After all, the tints are not just for keeping the sun out, Cleargard Australia notes.


Say the car was stolen, and you are already past the point of relying on prevention. There are a number of tracking devices that you can install on your car. Some cars come with them right out of the factory, some are aftermarket products. The GPS trackers can keep you updated of where your car has been taken, and also notify the police. If you do not have this equipped yet, you can always leave a standalone GPS tracker in the trunk and track it with your smartphone.

Your car is already an investment on its own. Protect that investment by investing in security measures
to keep it from theft.