Here Are Some Tips on Losing Weight, According to Science

Trainer with woman doing push upsScience has given us a lot of valuable tools over the years — one of which is a definitive analysis of weight, calories, fat, and weight loss. Here are some pieces of advice forwarded by researchers when it comes to losing some flab.

Keep it proportional

Binge eating is a common issue with people, especially when it comes to sugary and starchy food. If your unhealthy eating habits are out of control, seek treatment for binge eating disorder from professionals to develop concrete prevention techniques better.

If not, however, stick to the Palm Rule. This means that the standard portion for your meal or snack should fit inside the palm of your hand.

Sugar is the enemy

While the body needs sugar, the typical person consumes way more than what’s needed. The guideline is that one should consume only around six tablespoons of sugar a day, but unfortunately, most people consume at least five times that. It’s always best to steer clear of sugary drinks, such as juices and cola.

Water is your friend

Drink more water than any other liquid. In fact, it’s best to ditch all the other liquids and just concentrate on water. This helps eliminate toxins in your body and keeps you hydrated without the added burden of sugar in your system.

Eight glasses a day is the standard, but if you exercise, you might need to kick that up a notch. Drink water before eating so you can fill your belly beforehand and therefore eat less.

Sit down when eating

There’s a psychological reason for this. When you eat food in front of the TV or while standing up, you don’t really look into this as a proper meal and therefore feel as though it’s a “freebie.”

If you eat on the dining room table, however, you register the food as a proper meal and designate it as such — which means that you’re less likely to eat more.

Of course, these are just some methods you can try out. Remember that while there are quick weight loss fixes today, slow and sure is the best way to guarantee that your new fit body stays that way.