Holiday on a Budget: Enjoying the Best of Perth with Your Kids

Best of Perth with Your KidsThe rising travel costs can affect your holiday habits, especially if you love travelling with your family. From airfare to holiday accommodation, just about everything in travelling involves costs one way or another. The good news is you don’t need to compromise the fun in your holidays just to minimise the costs.

A great city always has something free to offer. Perth, for example, boasts of parks, beaches and public museums. You can experience fun and affordability in a package, making every moment of your trip memorable for the entire family.

Here are three fun things to do in Perth without going over your budget:

Play and Lounge at Kings Park and Botanic Garden

A good accommodation in Perth gives you access to the best free attractions in the city. The Kings Park and Botanic Garden is one of them. Located in the city’s centre, this park is famous for its long expanse of green bushland. This is the spot to visit if you want to have a picnic and play with your kids. The park has picnic and barbecue facilities, public toilets and playgrounds for fun family activities. Cap the day with a relaxing and spectacular view of the city at the Swan River.

Enjoy the Sea and the Sun at Cottesloe Beach

Take the kids to the city’s most popular spot for swimming – Cottesloe Beach. Apart from the pristine sand and crystal clear waters, the tall shady Norfolk Island pine trees and lively atmosphere are among the many charms of this beach destination. This is the perfect setting for building sand castles, surfing or enjoying your sunset drinks.

Experience the Culture of the Land Down Under

Right in the heart of Perth are a number of art and cultural organisations offering different attractions for holidaymakers. The Cultural Centre has different attractions that can stimulate your children’s imagination. There are also areas where they can just meet and play with other kids.

Exploring Perth with your family doesn’t have to be expensive. Just like any great city, it features a hodgepodge of activities and attractions for every budget.