Home Security throughout the Years

adt authorized dealerModern home security systems like ADT bought from authorized dealers help families sleep soundly at night. It also gives them peace of mind whenever their house is unattended during family vacations. These are just a couple benefits from installing home security systems. This modern advantage, however, wasn’t something that people from the past had.

Early home security

During the time when the Romans were still at the height of power, people used geese as their alarm system. Geese would usually make a lot of noise when they’re disturbed and thus, effective in waking people up, alerting them of any intruders. Dogs and other animals were also used as a form of intrusion alarms around the world during these times.

Home security development

In the 1700s,the first home security alarm was invented by and Englishman named, Tildesley. What he created was a door lock that’s connected to a set of chimes. If someone tried to enter, the chimes would sound off, alerting the people inside. This mechanism though, is only effective if the intruder uses the door to break into the home.

On June 21, 1853, Augustus Russel Pope patented the first modern system for home security. What he invented was a set of electromagnetic device installed on windows and doors. If any door or window is being forced to open, the circuit connected to these devices would hammer a bell, drawing the attention of the household.

A businessman named Edwin Holmes bought the rights of Pope’s invention and sold his system to people door-to-door; something that’s still practiced today. He also improved the system and developed it further. He added features, such as timers, to automatically activate and deactivate the alarms, and centralized switches in the lights of the household.

In present day

Today, the modern alarm systems, such as ADT sold by authorized dealers, have very advanced features like motion detectors, high-decibel alarm sirens, and digital touch pads that would send help your way at the push of a button. What’s remarkable is all of these now come in wireless form.

Seeing how home security systems improved over the years, it’s a relief that people today now have better protection against intruders.

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