Hospitals To Employ High Tech Gear To Promote Hand Hygiene

high tech hand washHospitals in the United States are turning to technology to help remind their staff including Doctors and Nurses to properly clean their hands. Instruments like lights, buzzers, beepers and tracking systems would be used to remind the staff on their need to sanitize and would keep a track on those who don’t. Health experts have pointed out that poor hand cleanliness was a key factor in hospital borne infections that killed tens of thousands of Americans every year.

Hospitals have tried some measures in the past to promote better hygiene. Signs were posted in restrooms and some employed monitors that kept tab on and singled out offenders. Even with these, experts say hospital staff washes only 50 percent of the time. A new system has been developed by Biovigil Inc that has a flashing light on the badge of the worker. The light turns green when the hands are cleaned and red if they are not. The system also tracks every hand cleaning act for its effectiveness.

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